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(Archived January 15, 1999)

10K Wizard

This site provides SEC filings and financial analysis from 1994 through 1998. You can perform a ticker search by ticker symbol or by partial company name. A word search can be done in all the SEC filings by specific keyword or any Boolean combination of keywords. The search reports display ten filings at a time. When first accessing this site, you are provided with links to breaking stories from business news providers such as Bloomberg, CNBC Business, and CBS Market Watch. You need to register to post to the forum.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

This site has recently added a new full-text database of all U.S. patents issued from January 1, 1976 to the most recent weekly issue date. You can perform a Boolean search, a manual search or a patent number search. Help and search information are provided. No images or drawings are available online. A statement on the pages indicates that full-page images will be available from this site in March 1999.

Congressional Research Service: WWW Accessible Reports

This page provides links to the CRS reports that are accessible via the WWW. The report listings are arranged by subject with new reports listed first under the topic “New”. This page is compiled and organized by Gary Price at George Washington University.

Dynamic Document Creator

This site allows you to create an international market research report to meet your specifications. You can build the report from regions, countries, industry sectors, and keywords drawn from the U.S. Department of Commerce data.

Visual Basic Web Directory

Are you looking for some assistance with your Visual Basic questions? This may be the website for you. This directory provides an alphabetical list of links to Visual Basic information. The user can find tutorials, information on source code, VB for beginners, VBScript, ActiveX, Developer Resources, a forum and a bookstore. There is also a featured product of the month.


This site has more than 8,575 links to investment sites covering 107 categories. Each link has a brief description. You can search by ticker symbol or company name. Most companies have have not only a link to the company website, but also a link to quote and research information. This information includes, company background, earnings estimates, stock quotes, stock charts, company news historical quotes, SEC filings and much more. You can request a free annual report on any of 1,000 publicly traded companies or look at them online. Douglas Gerlach is the compiler of Invest-o-rama. Doug is the author of The Investor’s Web Guide: Tools & Strategies for Building Your Portfolio, published by Lycos Press (April 1997). He’s also written on the topic for Individual Investor and PC World as well as for other publications. He has been online as a volunteer for the National Association of Investors Corporation helping individuals to get started investing and to form their own investment clubs for a few years.

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