Newstand – December 1998


(Archived January 6, 1999)

PC Magazine, December 1, 1998

Web Search Sites: Find it on the Web. See if you agree with the author’s choices for the best sites for locating information on the Web. They review general sites such as Yahoo, as well as their favorites in several categories such as “News Search Sites.” Don’t miss “A Tool for Every Task” which includes 52 sites to solve 31 common needs.

PC World Today

Women Join the Net (Dec. 2, 1998). In case you hadn’t noticed, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of women on the Web. Various estimates now put women at 40 percent or more of the U.S. online population, up from 3% just 4 years ago.

New York Times on the Web, 12/11/98; 12/14/98

Federal Court Asked to Rule on Year 2000 Insurance Dispute. In a precedent setting case, a federal court has been asked to rule on whether business liability insurance covers a software company for products that are not Y2K compliant.

Commerce Dept.’s New Point Man on the Net. Elliot Maxwell is the new Internet guru who will oversee “all things Internet,” including governance issues, e-commerce, and global network issues.

Searcher, Nov/Dec. 1998

Listservs: The Good News and the Bad News. To join or not to join….that is the question. Information, and misinformation are present on listservs, and with 150,000 to 250,00 of them out there, this article is well worth a read if you want to be a well prepared participant.

Web Routes Travel Agents? This article reviews travel meta-sites, sites for reservations, Web travel guides, sites for travelers with special needs, and other associated sites.

Computers in Libraries, Nov/Dec 1998

Examining XML: New Concepts and Possibilities in Web Authoring. Just when you thought you had mastered html, another Web challenge presents itself to be learned. This article reviews the basics of the new metalanguage; provides examples and comparisons with html; discusses how to write documents in XML; and conversion issues.

Internet Librarian ’98

Web Authoring: Beyond the Basics. Workshop conducted by Roy Tennant, Digital Project Manager, University of California, Berkeley

Deconstructing the Intranet: Strategies for Success. Workshop conducted by a Web Engineer from Microsoft Library and Andy Breeding from Compaq Computer.

Leveraging the Intranet in Knowledge Management.

Digital Libraries & Intranet Toolkits: Putting Content on the Desktop.

Talking About Search Engines. PowerPoint presentations on Northern Light and AltaVista.

What’s it Worth? Pricing & Purchasing Electronic Content.

Getting to the Good Stuff: How to Find Quality Material on the Web.

Federal Computer Week

Rep. says feds still working ‘too slowly’ on Y2K. Republican Representative Stephen Horn of California has rated federal government agencies regarding Year 2000 efforts. The results are not pretty.

New York Times CyberTimes

Improvements for the Pilot. New gadgets and systems to enhance PDA usage include the GoType Keyboard; Hot Synching to your laptop, and the interactive Franklin Rex Pro.

Judge Rules Against Filters in Libraries. A federal judge strikes down the policy of using filtering software in the Loudoun County, VA, library system.

Free Book Sites Hurt by Copyright Law. President Clinton signed a new copyright law that adds 20 years to the existing protection of books, films, songs and other intellectual property.

Information Outlook, November 1998

Guidelines for Successfully Teaching the Internet. A seasoned Internet instructor provides guidelines to insure effective training sessions, with a focus on: objectives; exercises; course materials; evaluating resources; and feedback from attendees.

Licenses and Information Wares: An Update on Article 2B. Controversy swirls around the current development to define the legal ground rules for transactions in information.

PC Computing, November 1998

Undocumented Internet Secrets. This nifty article covers issues including blocking unwanted email, search engine tips, e-commerce, people finders, Web utilities, and more.

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