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The Complete Intranet Resource

This site provides links to recent intranet articles, a live intranet discussion board, an moderated e-mail list, intranet resources (white papers, books, related sites etc.), intranet happenings, and intranet products. The site also can be searched by keyword.

Government Information Sharing Project

This site is an Oregon State University project. It allows users to access data and tables for government resources. The site is divided into three main sections: Demographics, Education, and Economics. Data under the topics in each section is provided by the Bureau of the Census, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the National Center for Education Statistics, and The MESA Group. There are also links to other government websites, an Oregon population survey, and Oregon statistics.

Intranets: What? Why? How?

This site provides links to Research, Books & Articles on Intranets; Intranets: Implementation Issues; Industry and Company Case Studies; and Intranets: News and Resources. There is useful information here, but be sure to note the date of the material because the intranet environment is ever changing.

Nirvana Chocolates

Looking for just the right holiday gift for a colleague, family member or client, but there is no time to shop? This site may be the holiday solution for you! Not only does Nirvana Chocolates allow you to purchase fine quality Belgian chocolates online for direct delivery, but they allow you to choose your own custom assortment. This is attractive site with reasonable prices. There are photos and descriptions of individual chocolates to assist you in making a selection. If you do not wish to customize your purchase, you can do a quick shop for an assorted gift box.

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