Newstand – November 1998

(Archived December 1, 1998)

PC World Online, November 1998

One Desktop Two Browsers: 72 Tips. If you can’t decide which browser you like best, use them both! They can co-exist relatively peacefully if you know a few simple rules.

Test Drive – Digital Books Good Enough to Curl Up With. Should you add an new electronic book to your Christmas list?

New Software Not Congress May Block Spam. Relief from a email box full of “hot babes” and “make money quick” messages may be on the way.

ONLINE – November 1998

On the Net – Filtering the Email Storm. If you’re receiving hundreds of messages a day from a variety of listservs, you won’t want to miss this article on using filters to reduce the load.

BullsEye Taking Aim at the Internet. A review of a handy new mega-search tool that loads locally on your computer but utilizies the major search engines, and packages its search results to you in an efficient way.

Search Engine Help Documentation and Resources on the Web. A survey of seven of the more popular search engines and where to find the information you need to use them.

PC Computing, November 1998

Undocumented Internet Secrets. This nifty article covers issues including blocking unwanted email, search engine tips, e-commerce, people finders, Web utilities, and more.

Internet World, October 26, 1998

Battling for Dominance Among Health Sites. HealthGate is trying to be the premier doctor and patient medical and health care Web site, with links to respected databases and reference materials.

NYTimes Cybertimes, October 23, 1998

A Kind of Constitutional Convention for the Internet. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is now in charge of administering Internet domain names. What changes will they implement, and how will this new organization impact our Web experiences?

NY Times Circuits, October 22, 1998

Cheaper Thinkpads Still Classy. For those of us who are relegated to buying our own laptops, this review of the three new, lower priced line of IBM Thinkpads covers the pros and cons of these computers.

Computers in Libraries, October 1998

Avoid Disaster: Use Firewalls for Inter-Intranet Security. This well documented article is a must read for the serious WebMaster to insure network and data security for intranets.

Searcher, October 1998

Getting Off the Beaten Track: Specialized Web Search Engines. Learn how custom crawling search engines can help you quickly and accurately locate specific information on the Web. These engines are more focused on specific topics, such as news and regional guides.

Information Outlook, October 1998

Creating Internet-based Tutorials. Training users and clients to use technology applications and systems is increasingly important as more information is being delivered directly to the desktop. Developing effective tutorials allows the trainer to reach more users, and provide required tools tailored to their requirements., October 14, 1998

How the Internet Takes You There. A straightforward, and well presented, “how does it work” article that explains the transmission of data from your desktop to its destination. Using the the Mona Lisa from the Louvre museum Web site as an example, numerous processes in this journey of data are described, including packets, TCP, IPs, and routers.

Search Engine Watch, October 5, 1998

How to Use Metatags. Using metatags properly can result in greater recognition from search engines. This article provides a good instructional guide to maximize results., October 5, 1998

Ask Jeeves Becomes a Customer Support Rep. Ask Jeeves is a different kind of search engine, one that responds to questions and uses syntax.

The New York Times – CyberTimes, Oct. 3, 10, 15, 1998

Library Grapples with Protecting Internet Freedom. This article focuses on the Austin Public Library’s struggle to satisfy community interests, and free speech advocates, in regard to the public’s access to the Internet. Association positions, filtering software, and the art of compromise are also examined.

Moving to a New Laptop: Part I; Moving to a New Laptop: Part II

If you are undertaking a move to a new laptop, you no doubt are concerned about transferring programs, files, and data. Windows 98 claims to make this effort alot easier. This two part article offers good suggestions on software and the best routine to accomplish the task.

Strict European Privacy Law Puts Pressure on the U.S. It is well known that European privacy laws are much stricter than our own, and offer citizens greater protection for their personal data. The EU’s Data Protection Directive takes effect Oct. 25, and may begin to turn the tide in the U.S. for similar protections.

House and Senate Agree on Complex Copyright Bill. Copyright in cyberspace is the focus of this new legislative action, which many in the public, private and academic arena fear will institute limitations on access to information.

Database, October 1998

Editor’s Choice Award – KnowX for Public Records Searching – A test drive of KNOWX, a public records database on the web.

Government Metasites: Federal, State, and International.

Online, September 1998

Internet Search Engine Update. Latest tips on new features from the big guys, and the unusual, smaller ones too.

Mounting Presentations on the Web: Presentation Software, HTML, or Both? Is there really competition for PowerPoint in the presentation arena? This article compares and contrasts presentation software with creating HTML pages.

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