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(Archived December 1, 1998)

ABA Administrative Procedure Database

This site provides links to ALJ salaries, ABA Model ALJ Act, 1941 A.G. Report, 1947 A.G. Manual, ACUS recommendations, organizations, journals and discussion lists. Most notably it has links to state legal information and proposed revisions to state administrative acts.

American Business Jargon Homepage

This is the website for the electronic version of Understanding American Business Jargon: A Dictionary by W. Davis Folsom (Greenwood Press 1997). Definitions of business terms and phrases such as “a 180” and “cook the books (to)” are listed. The definition is accompanied by a quotation which uses the term or phrase. The quotations are from major US business publications.

Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board

The Virtual Electronic Reading Room on this site provides links to USCSHIB investigations, news, legal documents (regulations and rules), information about the Board, chemical accident facts and statistics. Also, on this site is Chemlinks which is a searchable database of links to websites that have been placed in categories. The searcher can browse by subject category or view a complete alphabetical listing as well.

Direct Hit

This is a popularity search engine meaning it tracks the sites that people actually choose from their search results list. Direct Hit claims to “determine the most popular and relevant sites for your search request.” There is a demo on the Direct Hit site with links to its partner sites. Direct Hit can be used at these partner sites: HotBot, Apple, AOL and Link Exchange. To use Direct Hit on HotBot, first run a search as usual at the HotBot search engine. Second, click on the “Top 10 Most Visited Sites” link at the top of the results list. The “Top 10 Most Visited Sites” link will appear only if Direct Hit has a sufficient amount of data on your search subject. You must click on the Direct Hit link after each search request.


OSHWEB is an index of occupational safety and health resources on the Internet. There are 1718 resources listed on OSHWEB. It does not appear to have been updated since April 1998. The index is divided into subject categories with an alphabetical list of links to Web resources under each category. There is a short sentence describing each Web resource. You click on OSHWEB at the top of the main page to access the index.

Thomas Regional Directories

This site provides access to 480,000+ manufacturers, distributors and service companies. These are then organized by 4,500 product/service categories in nineteen key U.S. industrial markets. You can search by product or service or company name within a region. If you need an explanation of what geographical areas are covered by the regional categories, you can click on “regional descriptions.” Searches can be refined by selecting company type, geographic region (state, city/county, area code) trade name, key words and other specifications. Company profiles display year of establishment, number of employees, dollar amount of sales and business categories. Company name, address, telephone number and fax are also provided. You can click on “guest pass” to try a search. For continued use, you need to register for free access.

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