Extras – Q&A – Converting Netscape Bookmarks

Q&A – Converting Netscape Bookmarks

(Posted July 15, 1998; Archived August 15, 1998)


How do I convert my Netscape bookmarks so that I can use them in Internet Explorer?

Answer provided by: Lynne L. Harrison

Netscape’s bookmarks are stored in a file called bookmark.htm. To find this file on your system, use the FIND feature from the Windows95 taskbar, or use Windows Explorer. Once you’ve found the location of the page, you can open it in Internet Explorer using the FILE – OPEN command on the IE menu.

I personally use the bookmark.htm file from Netscape as my default page for
both Netscape and IE4.

Editor’s Note: There are also utilities to convert your bookmarks to favorites or vice versa, as well as one to keep them both in “sync.” For more information, see:

PC Magazine The 1998 Utility Guide — Internet Miscellaneous (Synchronize Bookmarks)

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