Newstand – June 1998

Information Outlook, June 1998

Librarians in Evolving Corporate Roles, p.27. Librarian, cybrarian, or knowledge manager? Titles have shifted in response to the evolution and expansion of skills, responsibilities and challenges posed by the digital era.

Warning: A Killer Mistake in Business-Don’t Let Technology Drive Your Requirements, p.19. How to adopt an effective information management strategy that parallels the requirements of your institution.

Computers in Libraries, June 1998

Finding Your Way Out of the Copyright Maze, p.20. Learn how to design an effective copyright policy for your organization.

CD-ROM and Electronic Materials in Today’s Law Library, p.60. Choosing the right resources from the veritable flood of legal information available in digital format is a significant undertaking. Vendors, publishers, policies and other useful information can be found in this article.

Byte, June 1988

Win98 Road Map, p.66. Thinking of migrating to Windows 98? Good reasons to do so, and some equally good reasons to stick with Windows 95, are the focus of this comprehensive article.

Database, June/July 1998

LIVEDGAR: Paying for SEC Documents, p.59. Global Securities Information’s (GSI) LIVEDGAR offers a on-demand, pay-as-you-go system for the high volume researcher requiring flexibility and comprehensive access to data.

Management Databases: Not What You
Expected, p,36.
The challenges of locating management resources in an increasingly crowded field of database and Web content is the focus of this expertly written article.

The New York Times Technology – CyberTimes

Los Angeles Libraries Experience Renaissance With Computer Use. – “I’ve worked in public libraries for 30 years, and I see what’s happening now as the best time ever for libraries,” said Susan Kent, the Los Angeles’s city librarian. This article explains why the L.A. Public Library has more business than it knows what to do with.

Information Today, May 1998

Northern Light Offering Enterprise Account Service, p. 1. You can now set up an account with Northern Light for your entire firm/company, allowing everyone to order from NL’s special collection.

Internet World, May 18, 1998

Bill to End Encryption Regulations Praised by Some, Reviled by Others. The recent introduction of the recent E-Privacy Act has generated considerable controversy.

Searcher, May 1998

Database Secrets of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, p. 12. This is an interesting behind the scenes look at the patent process and how the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office researches patents.

The Global Road Warrier: An Online Addict Wired on the Road, p. 25. Mary Ellen Bates decribes the lessons she learned trying to stay “connected” while traveling in Europe without a laptop.

The Virtual Taxman Cometh, p. 36. Concerned about Internet taxation? Read Lysbeth Chuck’s article discussing the implications of various proposals for taxing sales on the Internet.

Show Me the Money!: Business Starting Points on the Web, p. 61. A nice selection of business Internet sites.

Presentations, May 1998

The Psychology of Presentation Visuals, p. 42. This article explains several psychological principles to help you select colors and graphic elements for maximum impact.

ONLINE, May/June 1998

How to Do Field Searching in Web Search Engines A Field Trip, p. 18. An excellent overview of how to take advantage of the field searching features of the major search engines.

Head-to-Head: Searching the Web Versus Traditional Services, p. 24. This regular column searches the same question on the Web, and on commercial online services, then compares the results. Very interesting!

On the Net – Web Browser Keyboard and Navigation Shortcuts, p. 48. If you’d prefer to keep your hands on the keyboard rather than constantly switching to the mouse you’ll like this aritlce. Greg Notess tells you how you can use keyboard shortcuts while using your browser.

PC World, June 1998

Top of the News – – Finally an Easy Web Speedup That Works–Sometimes, p. 72. A discussion of Intel’s new Quick Web service.

New Products – PDA – Hail the New Roamin’ Emperor Palm III, p. 76. A new version of the popular Palm Pilot is now hitting the stores.

Special Report – The Webbies – The Best of the Web The 1998 Webby Award Winners, p. 215.

@HOME – Dishing the Dirt on Satellite Surfing, p. 274. Internet by satellite? Here’s the scoop on cost and ease of set-up.

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