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(Archived June 15th, 1998)

Fed In Print

This is database of all Federal Reserve System Economic research. It was developed by the FRB of San Francisco. You can search by keyword in the title, subject and abstract, title word search, author, or publication year. Some documents are offered in full-text format while others must be ordered from the publishing institution in print.

Feds On the Web

This site provides links to all of the Federal Reserve Banks and Board of Governors. The list of unique types of information offered at each site is described. A mailing address and telephone number links is also provided.

The Best of Asia and the Pacific

This site is not the best place to find legal links, but it does cover many other areas well. A sampling of topics containing links are business/finance, travel/tourism, art/culture, food/entertainment,and history/social/politics. There is a regional link as well as links to the individual countries. There is a law/justice topic, but many countries did not yet have any links links under the topic.

Librarian’s Datebook

Beginning with 1998 through nine years in advance, this site lists conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops, and institutes pertinent to librarians. Cancellation of any event is noted. There are links to the event Web pages with location information generally included.


This is a two frame site with a “database that allows you to view and compare the most up-to date statistical data for the Member States of the United Nations.” You may select up to seven countries to compare simultaneously. The overall areas of comparison are Geography, Economy, Population, and Social Indicators. You may select more specific items for comparison under each of these areas. A comparison chart with your selections is then displayed.

Governments on the WWW

This site has groupings of links under these areas: Worldwide Governments on the WWW, European Governments on the WWW, African Governments on the WWW, American Governments on the WWW, Asian Governments on the WWW, and Oceanian Governments on the WWW. There are also categories of links encompassing Multinational Organizations, Parliaments, Law courts and several others. File size of the large collections are listed. This is a site with links to a wealth of information.

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