Newstand – February 1998

Online, Jan./Feb. 1988

PaperPersists: Why Physical Library Collections Still Matter, p. 42. The title says it all; print is not dead, it is a “vibrant, healthy medium.” Read this article to find out why.

PC Magazine, Feb. 10, 1998

Trends: Get in the Fast Lane, p. 28. Discussion of the new DSL technologies for high-speed Internet access, with a comparison of speed to cable modems, etc.
(Note: This article should be on the Web site, but at the time of publications, the link was bad.)

Netscape Composer – Feature-Rich Web Editor, p. 81. If you have Netscape Communicator, you already have an easy to use Web editor!

Top 100 Web Sites, p. 100. The Web is no longer “cool,” it is actually useful! Browse these 100 certifiably useful sites.

Diagnose and Repair Your Web Site, p. 237. A review of software that will automatically check your links, pinpoint orphan files, and otherwise ensure that your Web site actually works.

Searcher, February 1998

Webmaster Liability: Look Before You Link, and Other Admonitions for Today’s Webmaster, p. 19. This well documented article, replete with links and an excellent bibliography, is a must read for Webmasters who should be aware of legal pitfalls, both federal and state, associated with issues ranging from domain names to intellectual property claims.

Computers in Libraries, February 1998

Questions and Quirks: Managing an Internet-Based Distributed Reference Service, p. 24. This article, about the Internet Public Library (IPL) at, provides an overview of this unique virtual enterprise, which responds to online requests from over 10,000 patrons daily.

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