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(Archived March 16, 1998)

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

JCAHO accredits almost 18,000 healthcare organizations and programs. The page of the site most useful to the majority of users is Quality Check which is the searchable Directory of Accredited Organizations. Information included from a search is address, phone, accreditation rating and if available, a full performance report. There is also an annotated list links to health care web sites.

The List

The List is a directory of Internet Service Providers. You can search by telephone area code to pull up a list of ISP’s. Each list includes the company name, the company’s dial up services, and its dedicated services. Each company name is a link to a more detailed chart of information about the companies services and fees.

The Search Engine Shoot-Out

This is the January 14, 1998 CNET Reviews article comparing search engines.

Browser Central-CNET

For making the most use of the features of Netscape and MS Internet Explorer check this site. Other useful sections are Comparisons and How To.

Electric Industry Restructuring OnLine

This site has a state list of links directly to restructuring agency and related source documents. There is a search engine at this site.

Electricity Competition Update

This site presents excerpts from the Energy Watch newsletter on industry issues. Proposed and pass retail wheeling legislation are covered as well as regulatory and legislative activity and pilot programs. The site has a search engine.

State Legislative Presence on the Internet

This site is provided by Multistate Associates Incorporated. The site is composed of a one page table with the state link, yes or no answers to whether the state sites have full text and status information, and a “software needed to access/comments” section.

Librarians Job Search Source

This site has job listings posted for 30 days (unless a specific closing date is specified). There is no charge for posting or viewing the listings. There is a section entitled “LIbrary Specific Joblists & Databases” which has general, specific specialties, specific libraries, non-U.S. databases, and lists by state in alphabetical order. All of these lists or databases have links to the respective websites. There is a section entitled “Job Hunting on the Internet” with a link to guides on this topic. The last section includes links to library employment and temporary agencies as well as useful mailings lists.

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