Newstand – January 1998

(Archived February 17, 1998)

Searcher, January 1998

Book Soup: Electronic Commerce and the Future of Publishing, p. 40. This new column by Lysbeth Chuck kicks off with an in-depth look at electronic book selling and publishing, focusing on the, National Association of Science Writers, and *bylines* sites.

Be sure to read the SideBar Article, entitled, Good Cooking: Two Law Librarians Who Can Stand the Heat and Some Tips on Taking Over the Kitchen, which is about your loyal LLRX Editors, Sabrina Pacifici and Cindy Chick!

Database, February/March 1998

Northern Light – New Search Engine for the Web and Full-Text Articles, p. 33. The new kid on the block, following the much-heralded entrance of the much lauded search engine, HotBot, Northern Light has also generated a lot of interest and praise. This detailed review, full of tips and caveats, is a must read for those looking to make the most out of this new Web tool.

Somebody Wants to Get in Touch with You: Search Engine Persuasion, p. 42. Interested in insuring that your Web page attracts the attention of the major search engines so that it will be included in their results pages? The proper use of META tags, and other useful tips can be found here.

FindLaw: Metasite Extraordinaire, p. 66. Universally acclaimed as one of the best subject-specific metasites on the Web, FindLaw is an essential resource for the legal researcher, offering a combination of a powerful search engine, links to everything from Supreme Court decisions and state codes, to CLE info and discussion forums. Add this one to your Bookmarks, and this article to your reading list.

PC World, January 1998

ISPs You Can Count On. If you’re in the market for a new Internet Service Provider, this is a must-read. Includes an ISP finder to locate the right company in your area code.

PC Magazine, Jan. 20, 1998

Web Authoring Tools, p. 152. A review of 16 different software products for creating dazzling html. Reviews are geared toward how different people use different kinds of html authoring products.

Presentations, Jan. 1998

Speaker’s Toolbox: Readers Share Their Best Presentation Tips, p. 32. How you can effectively use garbage in your presentations is just one of the helpful hints included in this compilation of short tips.

PC Magazine, Jan. 6, 1998

Internet Connection Alternatives, p. 249. If you’re tired of searching Internet at a slow crawl, check out the 4 options discussed here for increasing your bandwidth – cable, ISDN, DirecTV and ADSL.

Share Your Bookmarks Between Browsers, p. 253. SyncURLs is a software utility that imports your Navigator bookmarks and IE Favorites into a single bookmark library. You can rearrange your bookmarks within SyncURLs, then export them back out so that both browsers contain the same bookmarks and folders.

Abort, Retry, Fail?, p. 358.We aren’t the only ones that thought comments from Baker & McKenzie’s marketing department concerning their new non-librarian were absurd. PC Magazine include their quote in this column which highlights the lighter side of personal computing.

California Lawyer, January 1998

The Annotated Alex, p. 35. A federal court of appeals judge offers to be the subject of an Internet and commercial online search to test personal information databases.

American Libraries, January 1998

The McLibrary Syndrome, p. 66, Why Outsourcing Is Our Friend, P. 72, The Return of the Native, p. 76 & The Politics of Cultural Authority, p. 80. This issue highlights four feature articles on the controversial topic of outsourcing in libraries. Written by seasoned veteran librarians, several conflicting positions on how, why, and when to outsource library personnel are covered.

AmLaw Tech, Winter 1998

Mouse Tips for Bears and Bulls, p. 26. Internet editor Jesse Londin has written an concise and useful guide to Web resources for corporate and securities researchers.

Computers in Libraries, January 1998

Libraries, the Internet, and the First Amendment, p. 18. Questions about First Amendment rights concerning Web access continue to resonate throughout the academic, public & private sectors. This article focuses on a panel discussion conducted via teleconference, produced by the Urban Library Council and the College of DuPage.

Computer Training for Staff and Patrons, p. 28. This comprehensive academic training model can be applied in any special library environment.

Online Training Resources, p. 36. This article includes a diverse set of Web resources for librarians who are responsible for patron and staff Web training.

Internet World, February 1998

The Well Equipped Host, p. 50. Looking for the key to finding a hosting service that meets your specific requirements? This article provides lots of facts, figures, and links which will make you into a more savvy shopper and client.

Leverage Your Knowledge Base, p. 64. Web-enabled document management systems (DMS) are increasingly being viewed as a solution for the administration and distribution of a firm’s knowledge base. Detail product information accompanies this in-depth review of potential software application.

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