Newstand – December 1997

(Archived January 15, 1998)

Legal Management, November/December 1997

Put the Web to Work, p. 27. Turn to this article for a broad overview of implementing Web applications, including the Internet, intranets and extranets, in the law office environment.

Internet World, January 1998

The Best & Worst of the net ‘97, p.54. A quick and focused snapshot of the people, products and trends that helped to define life on the Web this past year.

The Big 4.0, p.64. If you are already behind the curve, then the pre-release accolades about HTML 4.0 will make you want to catch up fast! This next generation HTML promises to provide a powerful boost to future Web development application.

PC Computing, January 1998

The Best 225 Products of the Year, p.137. From systems and notebooks, applications and utilities, to printers, storage and peripherals, read this article for the best tips on what to buy if you have deep pockets, and a lot of time on your hands.

Database, December 1997

Outfitting the “Technomad:” Web Sites That Help You Hook Up When You’re Traveling, p.33. The busy professional who travels wants to retrieve email, visit Web sites, and search databases from any location. This article provides services and links to national and international companies which will facilitate the needs of the techno-traveler.

Database-Driven Web Sites: Cold Fusion for Web Publishing, p.48. Using the online Maine Library Directory as an example, this article offers screen captures, and detailed information on implementing this flexible Web publishing tool.

CompaniesOnline, p.30. Check out this review of, which is a free service provided by Dun & Bradstreet and Lycos, offering data on more than 10,000 public and private companies.

Internet World, December 1997

E-Mail Overload, p.54. Can anything stop spam? Battles are raging in legislatures, on ISP servers, and in the courts. These tips can help you get it under control.

Power Search, p. 78. With more than 100 million pages currently available on the Web, finding specific information is quite a challenge. So which is the best search engine to use? IW Labs compare the leading engines, looking at the breadth of their coverage, accuracy, and ease of use. The Labs found a clear favorite and also uncovered some tips that can improve results on most searches.

PC Magazine, December 2, 1997

Your Complete Guide to Searching the Net, p. 227. This articles discusses the most popular search engines, people finders, and directories. Northern Light is discussed, as are several of the meta search engines.

Information Today, November 1997

Reed Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer to Merge into Megapublisher, p. 1. The owners of LEXIS-NEXIS and CCH have agreed to a $32 billion merger creating the world’s largest scientific publishing and information group.

CD-ROM Review: Finding Federal Regulations the Easy Way, p. 26. Cary Griffith reviews Counterpoint Publishing’s CFR on CD.

Searcher, Nov./Dec. 1997

Vendors Past: Andrew Elston on NewsNet:”The Canary in the Mine?” p. 35. This is an interesting interview with the President of Newsnet, after their announcement that they were closing up shop. Andrew Elston discusses, the impact of the Web on intermediary online services.

Vendors Future: Northern Light — Delivering High-Quality Content to a Large Internet Audience, p. 47. Everyone’s talking about a new search engine called Northern Light. Richard Wiggin discusses some of the innovative ways that Northern Light tries to make searching on the Internet more productive.

Vendors Present: The Road to Dow Jones Interactive, p. 42. It’s not easy for the vendors to know which way to go with technology changing as quickly as it does. This article discusses the new web based Dow Jones service, and the road they took to get there.

Presentations, November 1997

How Web-Worthy Is Your Presentation Software? p. 11. A nicely done comparison of the major presentation software in terms of how easily and well they facilitate making your presentations available on the web.

When Using Overheads, Don’t Forget the Basics, p. 30. Sometimes overhead transparencies are still a good way to get your point across, provided that you know how to use them effectively.

Use a Mix of Evidence if You Want to Powerfully Persuade, p. 41. A quick run-down of the various kinds of evidence, for example, analogies, statistics, facts, etc. that will help you persuade your audience.

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