Newstand – November 1997

(Archived December 3, 1997)

Computers in Libraries, November/December, 1997

Implementing an Intranet-Based Library Help System, p. 24. This article provides useful information on the creation and implementation of an incident report database.

Networking Through the 90s, p. 39. D. Scott Brandt offers insight into enhancing and tailoring the communication capability of the Net.

PC Magazine, November 18, 1997

Internet Explorer 4 vs. Communicator: Face-Off, p. 100. Should you upgrade to the newest browser versions? Here’s a feature by feature breakdown to help you decide.

Presentations, October 1997

Match the Medium to the Message, p. 37. The right media for your message can depend upon your audience.

Visual, Vocal and Verbal Cues Can Make You More Effective, p. 34. How you present yourself may be more important than what you say. Here are some tips for more effective speeches.

Searcher, October 1997

Canada and Beyond, p. 8. Ulla de Stricker shares the painful lessons she’s learned about carpal tunnel syndrome. Everyone who uses a computer should read this article, that means you! It includes a list of ergonomic web sites.

Push Technology on the Net: Threat or Opportunity for the Online Searcher? p. 12. Includes a table of available “push” products, their pricing, and their key functions.

Retooling the Information Professional: The Librarian as Winner: Eugenie Prime of Hewlett-Packard, p. 28. Never boring, always inspiring, Barbara Quint interviews Eugenie Prime.

PC World, November 1997

Viruses: An Anatomy of Mass Hysteria. A realistic assessment of the danger of viruses, and tips on how to keep from catching one.

Top Ten Internet Utilities. From Cookie Crusher, to Real Audio’s RealPlayer, here are some useful Internet utilities, at least some of which, you simply must have.

Internet Explorer 4 Tips and Tricks. The new version of IE is a radical departure from previous ones. This article helps get you starting with IE’s new features by giving you their tips and shortcuts.

AOL and WorldCom Swallow CompuServe: Good for Online Consumers? p. 68. It’s not just legal publishers that seem to be constantly merging!

You Are Being Watched, p. 245. Many companies are monitoring their employees Internet use. This article will tell you how to stay out of trouble, what tools are available to monitor Internet use, and discusses your “Internet rights”.

Route 56K: Fast Modems, but Watch for Speed Bumps, p. 191. If you’ve been wondering whether the new 56K modems are worthwhile, or considering buying one, you’ll want to read this article, which explains the pros and cons.

Wired, Issue 5.09, September 1997

New Rules for a New Economy. You may have thought we were in the Information Economy, but according to this author, we have moved into the Network Economy where Connection is king.

Pretext Magazine, October 1997, Issue No. 1

The Librarian is Dead, Long Live the Librarian. This article discusses the changing role of librarians.

The Library of Babel: The Dream of Cyberspace as a Universal Library. Discusses the current status of digital libraries, detailing several digital library projects, and explaining the fantasy and reality of digital libraries.

Online, November/December 1997

Sizing Up HotBot: Evaluating One Web Search Engine’s Capabilities, p. 24. This is a well documented evaluation of the popular search engine, and a good read for anyone new to its strengths and weaknesses.

New Jobs Emerging In and Around Libraries and Librarianship, p. 68. According to the authors, “opportunities have never been better for librarians in a non-traditional setting,” in large measure due to the impact of the Internet and new technologies.

Do Digital Libraries Need Librarians? An Experiential Dialog, p. 87. The diverse expertise and experience possessed by librarians is the basis for a strong affirmative answer to this question.

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