Newstand – June 1997

(Archived July 11, 1997)

Database, June/July 1997

Online White Pages: The World’s Largest Phone Book, p. 30. An excellent review of the nine general white page services on the Web. Some valuable tips for the discerning Web researcher regarding the lack of consistency in both source and content in this popular Web tool.

On the Nets: Searching the Hidden Internet, p. 37. Volumes of valuable Web information remains unaccessable through the well known search engines including Hotbot and Excite. Greg Notess brings us into the world of the hidden Internet by providing the keys to Net search tools about which many researchers remain unaware.

The Novice’s Guide to Basic Web Page Design, p. 66. So you have decided to design a Web page! If you are looking for a straight forward, informative guide to start you on your way, this article should definitely be on your reading list.

Computers in Libraries, June 1997

Managing Desktop Access to the Internet: An Intranet Solution, p. 59. The evolution & implementation of a successful information center intranet project is the focus of this well documented article.

PC World, June 1997

Features: Internet Explorer 4.0, p. 135. A preview of the new version of IE. Also available online, Internet Explorer 4 Tips ‘n’ Tricks.

Features: Internet Phones takes on Ma Bell, p. 165.This story gives you the scoop on how calling by computer really works…or doesn’t.

Online Exclusive: Don’t Get Pushed Around. Only available online, this article discusses the new push technologies, and which ones might be right for you.

Web Browser: Sites That Spell Relief for Managers, p. 72. Includes links to numerous sites to help you manage being a manger, including “The Speaker’s Companion”, Toastmasters and the Cyber-Psychologist for stress management.

Searcher, May 1997

The Sidebar: All Rights Reserved …. Well, Maybe Not, p. 24. Includes a discussion of “Law Librarians on the Rise”, Carol Ebbinghouse’ “Favorite Internet Sites on Copyright”, “Some Suggested Guidelines for Document Delivery” and two opinions on intermediaries, end users and fair use. Definitely a must read.

“Just the Answers, Please”: Choosing a Web Search Service, p. 44. This is one of the best articles I’ve seen on web searching.

News Flashes —Knight-Ridder, Inc. to sell KR Information and DIALOG! p.22. Who will the buyer be? Reed-Elsevier? Get all the best rumors, along with suggestions as to what the buyer should do with DIALOG, once they buy it.

Internet World, June, 1997

Find It Faster, p.64. Looking for better results when using Internet search engines? This article offers some common sense solutions which may never-the-less be overlooked by most Web researchers.

MMXimizing Business Multimedia, p.58. Does your work require multimedia applications and videoconferencing? If you are ready to upgrade to a new 200MH zPentium and are trying to decide whether to go with the Pentium Pro or the new MMX enhanced Pentium chip, this article will help you make an informed decision as to whether MMX is for you.

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