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Margaret K. Berkland is the Information Resources Technology Specialist for McKenna & Cuneo. Margaret has designed and maintains the firm’s internal library homepage of Internet links. She also is a member of the firm subcommittee which guided the firm through the decision process of contracting out the design and publication of a firm website (http://www. Margaret manages the links and link annotations for this website. Prior to taking her current position, she spent eleven years as a law firm library manager.

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(Archived May 22, 1997)

Internet Legal Practice Newsletter

This is a monthly online journal produced by consultants. Subscriptions are free. There is an archive of back issues. Timely topics of interest to law firms are discussed. Of particular interest is the March 1997 forum on Law Firm Internet Use policies which includes a sample use policy.

The FOIA Web Site

This is a searchable site on the Freedom of Information Act assembled by the Society of Professional Journalists. There is a sample FOIA request letter and appeal letter, cases of interest, posting of FOI related news, state by state guide to access laws and contacts, federal agency contacts and links to their web sites, the act, the history of the act, and links to further FOIA resources on the Internet.

Matthew Bender

This site provides access to information about MB publications–descriptions and ordering information. In addition, it provides a new Internet legal research service, Authority On-Demand TM . Access is provided to 250+ publications. You can search anytime and pay only for the information that you use by credit card. Cybercash R technology allows for secure double-encrypted transactions. Some of the titles included are Collier on Bankruptcy, Moore’s Federal Practice, Weinstein’s Federal Evidence, and Nimmer on Copyright.

Medical Matrix Medline Access Table

This site provides a table of Medline databases providing information on cost, access, database limits, concept matching, search interface, field searches, query features, display, citation manager, comments, and full-text access. Links are provided to each service. You can also search the matrix.

FHOF: Acronyms Used in the Computer Community

This site provides the acronyms, expressions, emoticons and their meanings used in the computer community.

United States Courts for the Ninth Circuit

This site is divided into three sections: Appeals Court Decisions (links included to all circuits with the 9th circuit decisions coming from Villanova), History & Guide to the U.S. Courts (This covers the National Court System plus in depth informational links covering the ninth circuit court.), and Understanding the Federal Courts with information covering all the Federal courts.

Professional Organizations in the Information Sciences

This site provides an alphabetical index with links to websites maintained by professional library and information science organizations. This page is maintained by Karen Stone at the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University.

American Paralegal Council

This site provides information about what a paralegal is and does, how to become a paralegal, salaries, job outlook, and legal research links on the web.

SYSTRAN Software HTML Translation Page

This site will translate non- frames HTML documents from French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian into English or vice versa. Type in the URL, select the correct language combination, enter your e-mail address and click on Translate.


This site is arranged by topics ranging from Business to Travel. The topics are further broken down into subtopics which lead to links in the subject area within the UK. Subtopics include lawyers, libraries, jobs, politics, holidays and many more.

European Court of Human Rights/Cour Europienne Des Droits De L’Homme

This site includes general information, a list of pending cases, list of scheduled public hearings, state proceedings, judgments, and basic texts. This site is still under construction as of April 30, 1997.

DigitalCity: The Oklahoma City Bomb Trial

This site by DigitalCity has investigative articles and reports posted daily, in depth information, full texts of court records, trial exhibits, audio and video clips of the bombing and witnesses, and maps.

Denver Post Online: Bomb Trial

This site provides same day news, overall trial news, and a trial guide covering the case, the prosecution, the court, the defense, the public, and other sites on the web.

Court TV Casefiles: Oklahoma City Bombing

This site provides a trial update plus transcripts and court documents, a who’s who guide in the trial, and links to other sources of information on the case.

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