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Margaret K. Berkland is the Information Resources Technology Specialist for McKenna & Cuneo. Margaret has designed and maintains the firm’s internal library homepage of Internet links. She also is a member of the firm subcommittee which guided the firm through the decision process of contracting out the design and publication of a firm website (http://www. Margaret manages the links and link annotations for this website. Prior to taking her current position, she spent eleven years as a law firm library manager.

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Gabriel: Gateway to Europe’s National Libraries

This site links to services maintained by the European National Libraries and to other selected services of international interest. There are links to Online Public Access Catalogues, National Bibliographies, National Union Catalogues, Indexes to Periodical Contents, World Wide Web Servers, Gopher Servers, and a Complete Listing of Online Services of Europe’s National Libraries.

National Library Catalogues Worldwide

This site lists national library catalogues alphabetically by country. The list is a link to the libraries websites. Most catalogues are not available 24 hours a day so try again at another time if you are unable to gain access.


UnCover adds over 4,000 current citations daily with records describing journals and their contents. You can order fax copies of the articles from UnCover. The article information is derived from 17,000 multidisciplinary journals. There is descriptive information for over 7,000,000 articles that have appeared since Fall 1988. There is keyword access to article titles and summaries. Tables of contents pages from journals of interest can be “recreated.” There are no charges for searching. Full text of articles cost $10.00 plus copyright. There is a FAX surcharge for outside the US/Canada. There are four other levels of access described in detail on the site.

GovBot: Database of Government Web Sites

This is a database of U.S. Government and Military websites nationwide. GovBot eliminates many irrelevant websites because it only searches websites having a .gov or .mil in the domain name. You may enter a general terms query, a terms in document title query, or a terms in document URL query.

National Center for Injury Prevention and Control

If you are seeking injury and mortality statistics, check this site. Included are National Injury Mortality Statistics (1994-1979), State Injury Mortality (1994-1989), Leading Causes of Death, and Years of Potential Life Lost.

Alliance for Competitive Electricity

This site provides state and federal electric deregulation information.

Electric Consumers Alliance Home Page

At this site, you will find links to copies of state and federal electric deregulation legislation, information about the alliance, a copy of “The CSEF Electric Deregulation Study: Economic Miracle or the Economists’ Cold fusion? and lists of congress persons to contact on the restructuring issue.

Energy Central

This site provides utility deregulation information. There is free registration for the site. The site is comprised of a newsroom, conference information, product information, publications, listing of industry professionals, and utility information. Top news articles of the day are listed on the home page.

EERR: Energy Efficiency & Renewable Resources

The Energy Efficiency & Renewable Resources in the Electric Industry Restructuring site tries to facilitate the discussion of the restructuring of the North American electric utility industry. The site includes a restructuring glossary, directory of U.S. Federal and State regulatory agencies, and a search engine. There are links to discussion forums for Policy, Federal Electric Industry Restructuring Processes, Restructuring Processes Across North America (alpha by state and province) and International Electric Industry Restructuring, plus a link to Restructuring Policy Papers.


This site can be viewed in English or French. It contains a database of Canadian incorporated companies, the International Business Information Network with market research data by country, an Investment in Canada section showing the investment climate in various industries, business information for 28 major industries, a library of research publications such as monthly economic indicators, the Canadian Patent Database plus much more. The site is presented by Industry Canada.


This site allows you to search for your term or browse by category. A definition of your term, suggested related terms, and when appropriate a graphic illustrating the term is provided. The PC Webopaedia also can be loaded directly on your computer for faster searches.

WINDEX: The Windows Index

This site has over 2,500 links in 80 categories to 32 bit Windows 95 software. You can locate links by subject via the Main Menu or search by keyword with limiters by number of returned hits, category, and date. There is a link and description for each product.

The Clip Art Warehouse

This is a site with thousands of clip art images. Most of the images are free. The site sponsor requests that you link back to the site if you use any of the images.

Government Information Xchange: Employee Telephone Directories

This site lists the names of individual departments, agencies and the U.S. Congress with telephone directories for their employees on the Internet. Each listing is a link to the entities website page with this information. Some directories have standard mailing addresses and e-mail addresses. The homepage to this site has categories of listings of information with the corresponding hyperlinks to websites. Categories include: Federal Directory, Federal Yellow Pages, Sate and Local Government, Intergovernmental Collaboration, Electronic Shopping, International Organizations, and Foreign Government. There is a search engine.

Justice Information Center

This site is a service of the National Criminal Justice Reference Service. It is an extensive source for information on criminal and juvenile justice. Topics covered on the site are corrections, courts, crime prevention, criminal justice statistics, drugs and crime, international, juvenile justice, law enforcement, research and evaluation, and victims. Under each topic are links to documents, www sites, gopher sites, ftp sites, listservs, and bulletin boards. Also included is a keyword search engine, NCJRS catalog, list of conferences, justice grants, government sponsors, new this week, and current highlights.

Answering Reference Questions Using the Internet

This site is sponsored by the British Columbia Library Association. It is a table with questions and suggestions on how to proceed to answer reference requests. Internet links are provided where appropriate. This site is a good tool for guiding for those new to Internet searching whether they be the general public or the librarian new to the Internet.

Federal Communications Commission

This site includes two search tools, speeches, the Daily Digest back to 1994, auctions information, consumer info, the Telecom Act, forms, fees info, comments on rulemakings, and education info. The FCC Weekly Calendar and FCC Weekly Filings, V-Chip information and much more are included as well.

The Federal Maritime Commission

This website explains the mission of the Federal Maritime Commission, lists bureaus and offices, how to contact area representatives, and what public information is available from the FMC. Links are provided to commonly used forms which are printable and downloadable in WordPerfect 6.1 or downloadable via Envoy whose viewer also can be downloaded. There are also links to FMC regulations.

Deposition Guide: A Practical Handbook for Witnesses

This site is produced by an attorney, Larry G. Johnson. It is in book outline format. It may be a good place to send a client who may be deposed to gain a better understanding of the process and save the attorney hours of explanation.

Welcome to Washington DC

This is the official website of Washington, D.C. There is information about the city, the mayor’s office, the city administrator, D.C. government agencies, D.C. public schools, and a citywide directory of services. Still to come are pages on information for new residents and tourism. The site provides links to annual reports in downloadable PDF format, a wealth of corporate forms, and constituent services forms.

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