Newstand – March 1997

Searcher, March 1997

‘Out of Cite: The High Cost of Dialog’s Format 3 – if you’ve been surprised lately by the cost of Dialog prints, you need to read this article by Barbara Quint.

Searching Smart Costs Extra – more information on the increase in output prices by DIALOG. For specific hints on how to control costs with the new pricing, see the sidebar, “Ten Ways to Dodge the Bullets.

Where Is My Answer? p. 30. Randy Marcinko rates Customer Service for major online services, databases and search engines.

The Internet Express : Bookstores Galore on the Web, p. 56.

SideBar: Current Awareness in the Law: Legal Listservs, p. 26. By Carol Ebbinghouse.

ONLINE User, March/April 1997
Online User ceases publication with this issue.

Online User – Best Business Services on the Web – “A Baker’s dozen of the top sites on the Web for business user.

The Compleat Searcher – Mark My Words: Scoping Out Trademarks Online – a brief summary of online databases for trademark searching.

PC World, April 1997

Best Ways to Browse the Web. Descriptions of plug-ins, offline readers and browsers, e-mail clients, bookmark tools, search tools, and more, including 3 tools you DON”T want to have on your desktop.

Netscape Communicator 4. Tips on how to effectively use the new version of Netscape.

You’ve Got Mail, But Do You Want it? – this article tells how to get rid of junk e-mail.

PC Magazine, April 8, 1997

Internet E-mail encryption, p.243. Are you concerned about unauthorized snooping into or tampering with your e-mail messages? Then check out this guide to six e-mail encryption products that promise to keep your private communications private.

Internet World, April, 1997

Planning Your Intranet, p.52. This article offers a number of practical tips and resources to assist you in ensuring that your corporate intranet will be a success.

Speed Browsing, p.72. A review of ten offline browsers that work with Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer to facilitate the automatic downloading and stashing of Web pages and files. These products work by creating a cache of Web pages on your hard disk, separate from the online browser’s cache. This allows for high speed browsing in a of

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