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Links in the NewsMargaret K. Berkland is the Information Resources Technology Specialist for McKenna & Cuneo. Margaret has designed and maintains the firm’s internal library homepage of Internet links. She also is a member of the firm subcommittee which guided the firm through the decision process of contracting out the design and publication of a firm website ( Margaret manages the links and link annotations for this website. Prior to taking her current position, she spent eleven years as a law firm library manager.

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(Archived April 14, 1997)


This provides the ability to search for information about chemical compounds. You may search by name, formula, MW, Melting point, boiling point, CAS RN and structure or any combination of these items. The search returns with synonyms for the chemical, melting point, boiling point, evaporation rate, flash point, DOT number, specific gravity, vapor density, water solubility, EPA code, RTECS, and comments as are appropriate to the chemical. You can also view the chemical structure. Links are provided for more information about the chemical compound searched.

Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech Companies on the Web

This site allows you to find chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech company information on the Web by clicking on the letter in the alphabet for the first letter in the company name. There is a special link for company names beginning with numbers or special characters. There is also an Internet Resources page.

Corporate Watch

Corporate Watch is a social activist corporate watchdog type site, but it offers some very useful information for teaching the novice how to perform transnational company research under the Researching Corporations icon. There are sections on labor, legal, environmental, shareholder actions. The focus is on the United States and India.

The Regulation Home Page

This site proclaims itself as”a comprehensive source of regulatory studies, statistics, & information.” It is a good site for learning how to perform basic regulatory research. It also has links to hot federal legislation and rules. It has links to specific economic regulatory issues and sites and specific social regulatory issues and sites.

FY 1998 Federal Budget Publications

The Office of Management and Budget offers searchable descriptions of the Budget publications at this site. You can directly download the documents in PDF format.

Energy Information Administration

The EIA is an independent statistical and analytical agency within the DOE. This site has a very comprehensive list of energy links. There is an energy calendar with listings of energy related events and activities. There are sections on the various fuel groups, international, forecasting , environment, energy prices, financial, state energy data, and end use consumption groups.

Singapore Business Times Online-Global Reports

This site provides industrial case studies, interviews of leading political and business figures, real time news, country handbook, Ernst & Young International’s Taxation guides, and a built-in search engine. There is also financial information, trade information, telephone and address information and an internet directory for the country for which there is a report. For March 1997, France, Chile, Mexico, EU, Italy, Britain, Sweden, and Switzerland are covered.

Chile Information Project

This is an English language site. Current features of this site are News, a daily English language summary of Chile’s most important national, business and mining news; Trade and Investment covering the investment climate, regulatory environment, foreign trade, NAFTA news and much more; Travel Guide; Fruit Online, with prices, market analysis, news and statistics of the fruit trade in Chile and world wide; and ChilNet Yellow Pages, an extensive list of Chilean businesses with addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail and website addresses. The site promises upcoming features of cultural events, environmental issues, and mining.

The Electronic Embassy

This site provides an alphabetical list plus links to embassies, consulates, and other government sponsored organizations in the United States.

The Embassy Page(GlobeScope)

This site links to home pages for countries’ embassies and consulates in the U.S. and worldwide.

Embassies WorldWide

This site provides links that give you all of a country’s embassy locations worldwide. Address, telephone number, fax number and hours of operation are included for each location.


This is a mega links site. There are ten categories (Computers & Internet, Business & Finance, Reference & Education, Society & Issues, Shopping & Services, Travel & Vacation, Sports & Recreation, Entertainment & Leisure, Health & Fitness, and Home, Family, Auto. Clicking on one of the ten categories leads you to subcategories from which to select which leads you to a further breaddown of subcategories until you have fine tuned your search to a selected listing of useful links.

Internet Legal Resource Guide

The ILRG is a category index of 3100 web sites in 238 nations, islands, and territories plus 475 locally stored web pages and other files. The site was established by a current University of Texas law student as a comprehensive resource of law and legal professional information on the Internet with a U.S.emphasis. The broad topics that are covered are Academic, Government, References & Resource, News, and Miscellaneous. There are several subtopics under these categories from Law Journals and Law Outlines to Legal Experts, CLE, News Wire and U.S. Courts. There is a search engine for the site. You can search by topic, phrase, concept, or use an enhanced Boolean search. This is a Point Top 5% site.

Federal Times

This site provides the 1997 General Schedule Pay Tables by locality. You enter the GS schedule number, select the location and then submit your search. The data comes from the U.S. office of Personnel Management.

Virtual Relocation

This may be useful for attorneys or other staff when they choose or are asked by the firm to relocate to another office in another city. A search can be run by state or city. There are twelve categories of interest for some relocating: Building & Construction; Career & Education; Economic Development; Government; Insurance; Mortgage; Moving & Storage; Parenting Resources; Professional Resources; Real Estate; Relocation; and Travel & Recreation. A few subtopics of interest under these categories are child care; pediatrics; moving companies; universities; real estate firms & agents; corporate relocation; best places to live; mortgage rates; and weather to name a few.

The Salary Calculator

This is a complement to the Virtual Relocation site in that it can help the person or family members of the person relocating compare the cost of living in their current location to the proposed city of relocation. The calculator covers the U.S., Canada and other non-U.S. countries. You begin by selecting your origin and destination. The next screen allows for selection of specific cities and countries. Next your current salary is entered and the salary needed in the new location to reflect that amount is displayed. The calculations do not adjust for taxes, but state tax tables are provided for the U.S. Information concerning the currency of the data is posted at the end of the home page. Employment Center

This page on hosts the The Employment Center. It is a free resource for the posting of legal job openings (attorneys, legal secretaries, paralegals, clerks, stenographers, office administrators, etc.). You complete the online job announcement form and your position will be posted on the web.

Airlines of the Web

This site provides links to websites for passenger carriers, cargo airlines, Frequent Flyer programs, airline 800 numbers and real-time airline reservations.


This site has 111 million white and yellow page listings for the U.S. and Canada. You can search by business, people, or government. There are links to 230 directories for 170 countries. There is also a mapmaker feature for the United States.

AT&T Directories

This site provides the ability to search for toll free telephone numbers and worldwide country and city codes. There is also a link to the Four11 white pages.

NAICS: North American Industry Classification System

NAICS is the common industry definitions for Canada, Mexican and the United States. NAICS replaces the SIC. The site provides the NAICS structure as published in the Federal Register as well as papers and reports on the NAICS.

Eye on the Courts

This Cornell site links to high profile appellate decisions available on the Internet. There are also links to background legal material related to the cases when it is available.

FarisLaw: US CaseLaw Search

This site provides full text search capability on one page for U.S. Federal courts and state superior courts whose judgements can be searched. The US Supreme Court lists cases back to 1937 and is searchable by word or phrase, name of part in title, or volume and page number.

The Utility Connection

This site provides links to over 1,500 electric, gas, water and wastewater utilities, utility associations, organizations, news, magazines, and related state and federal regulatory and information sites.

ABA Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee of the Torts and Insurance Practice Section

This site has a What’s New section, FAQs section, information on committee activities, announcements, publications and the midyear meeting, a Recent Developments section, and links to sites of interest in insurance law.

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