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BusinessWeek, February 24, 1997

A Way Out of the Web Maze, p.94. The growth of “push technology,” which facilitates the desktop delivery of Web based information, has recently become a hot topic. Whether this new Webcasting concept will replace current news, weather and information broadcasts, remains to be seen. This article provides excellent insight into the companies and services that are spearheading this new Web movement.

PC World, February 1997

Best Routes to the Net: Top Internet Service Providers, p. 125. Rates the 12 leading service providers. Customer satisfaction are assigned grades from A-F. Best Buys are IBM Internet Connection and Mindspring.

Beat Information Overload, p. 148. Gives strategies for efficiently managing your e-mail, faxes, voice mail, and even paper. Take the “Just How Overloaded Are You” Quiz and see how overloaded you REALLY are!

No Privacy on the Net, p. 223. Discusses how Internet web use can be monitored, as well as e-mail, newsgroups, and chat rooms. Gives recommendations for avoiding cookies and spam, and online privacy do’s and don’ts.

PC Magazine, February 18, 1997

Best of the Web – PC Magazine picks the Top 100 Web Sites, p. 102. Categories include Commerce, Computing, Entertainment, News/Views and Reference.

Online Content: The Web Delivers, p. 128. The new generation of resources that deliver state-of-the-art information overload directly to your desktop. From news to sports, weather and stock quotes, content providers offer a wealth of customized Internet information to you without your direct intervention.

Web Browsers: Working in Web Time, p. 40. Equitrac has a web browser, based on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, that lets you track the amount of time spent at each Web site, and log where you go on the Web and for home.

When Okay is More than Good Enough, p. 93. Includes a hot tip about a screen capture program called SnagIt/32. If you’re doing Internet presentations, and need to capture a full browser screen, even the part that is not displayed, this utility will do it. To download an evaluation copy go to

ABA Journal, February, 1997

Zapping Cyber Piracy, p. 60. The digital age has intensified the battle between intellectual property owners’ rights and the pu

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