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Doing Legal Research in Canada – Canadian Legal Research: By Topic

Updated August 1, 2000, Updated July 2, 2001 and January 19, 2004

Editor’s Note: This is a new update to the author’s original guide (published May 1, 2000), and to his subsequent update, July 2, 2001. There are numerous additions, changes for some Web site addresses, as well as some deletions, which will be indicated by the use of (green background color) for easy identification.

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Mis-Information at the Heart of the University: Why Administrators Should Take Libraries More Seriously

Major university research library systems are complex organizations comprises of the central library, the department/school library, and the professional school library. The voices of all three types of libraries should be heard for their perspectives when determining the future of the university library system with respect to whether they are cost centers or value centers, according to Stuart Basefsky/>.

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