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The Government Domain: New GPO Catalog of Government Publications

Peggy Garvin reviews the new searchable catalog of current and historical federal congressional, executive, and judicial publications that are in print, electronic, and other formats.

Subjects: E-Government, Government Resources, Library Software & Technology, Search Engines, Search Strategies, The Government Domain

Features – Public Libraries and the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA): Legal Sources

Public Libraries and the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA): Legal Sources*

By Mary Minow

Subjects: Features, Internet Filtering, Libraries & Librarians, Library Software & Technology, Privacy

Extras – The Kirkland & Ellis Library Research Request Database

The Kirkland & Ellis Library Research Request Database

By William P. Scarbrough, Chief Information Officer, and Maria A. Black, Information & Technology Services Specialist

(Posted July 15, 1998; Archived August 15, 1998)

Subjects: Extras, Library Software & Technology

Features – Lawyers, Libraries, and Technology

Lawyers, Libraries, and Technology By Joe Stephens Law Librarian, Oregon Supreme Court Library

Joe Stephens is a former parasitologist, teacher of symbolic logic, public reference librarian and law firm librarian. If he had it to do all over again, he would be a meteorologist.

Subjects: Features, Legal Technology, Library Software & Technology

Features – A Bridge Too Long? A New Appraisal of the View of CD-ROM as a Bridge Technology

Return to Library A Bridge Too Long? A New Appraisal of the View of CD-ROM as a Bridge Technology By Stephen P. Weiter (Posted September 1, 1997; Archived October 1, 1997)

Stephen P. Weiter earned his MLS from the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University in 1995. He is currently the Senior Law Librarian for Automation at the New York State Appellate Division Law Library, Fourth Department, in Rochester, NY. He has experience working in public, academic, and library automation vendors. Stephen has written for Computers in Libraries, and teaches a graduate level course in government documents at Syracuse University.

Subjects: CD ROM, Features, Library Software & Technology