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Nanotechnology: What Is It and Why Do Law Librarians Need to Know About It?

According to R. Scott Russell, future studies linking nanotechnology to a range of adverse issues could lead to litigation for law firm clients. How to learn about nanotechnology, and reliable law and technology sources for research on this and related topics, are highlighted.

Subjects: Law Librarians, Legal Technology, Library Software & Technology

Burney’s Legal Tech Reviews – Gadgets for Legal Pros: Tom Bihn Brain Cell Laptop Accessories and Compact Power Strips for Travel

Brett Burney reviews a laptop sleeve that is stylishly smart and practical from top to bottom, and suggests a solution for gadget laden travelers who are constantly confronted with insufficient outlets in hotel rooms.

Subjects: Burney's Legal Tech Reviews, Gadgets, Legal Technology, Library Software & Technology

Deal or No Deal Licensing and Acquiring Digital Resources – Deal Breaking License Clauses

Kara Phillips reviews the top ten deal breaking components in license agreements, including: authorized users, damages, indemnification, perpetual access, pricing, privacy, multi-site licensing, and remote access.

Subjects: Deal or No Deal, Law Library Management, Library Software & Technology, Licensing

The Government Domain: New GPO Catalog of Government Publications

Peggy Garvin reviews the new searchable catalog of current and historical federal congressional, executive, and judicial publications that are in print, electronic, and other formats.

Subjects: E-Government, Government Resources, Library Software & Technology, Search Engines, Search Strategies, The Government Domain

Features – Public Libraries and the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA): Legal Sources

Public Libraries and the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA): Legal Sources*

By Mary Minow

Subjects: Features, Internet Filtering, Libraries & Librarians, Library Software & Technology, Privacy

Extras – The Kirkland & Ellis Library Research Request Database

The Kirkland & Ellis Library Research Request Database

By William P. Scarbrough, Chief Information Officer, and Maria A. Black, Information & Technology Services Specialist

(Posted July 15, 1998; Archived August 15, 1998)

Subjects: Extras, Library Software & Technology