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Features – eFiling Comes of Age

eFiling Comes of Age By Phil Ytterberg and Scott Schumacher

Phil Ytterberg is Market Development Manager for WestFile ( tm ) at West Group. Mr. Ytterberg manages market development for the WestFile Electronic Filing Service, with responsibility for the legal and regulatory markets. He is a graduate of Tufts University and the Boston University School of Law. He regularly delivers presentations on electronic court filing at conferences and symposia nationwide, including faculty presentations for the National Center for State Court’s Institute for Court Management (ICM) and the National Practice Institute (NPI).

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Features – Italian National and Regional Legislative Resources Online

Italian National and Regional Legislative Resources Online By Maria Teresa Leonardi

Maria Teresa Leonardi received a degree in Political Science from the University of Catania in 1987. She works at the Legal Documentation Center (Faculty of Law), where customers (faculty, staff, students, lawyers) carry out juridical and legislative searches on databases with the staff assistance. She shares responsibilities for database training given to students and the teaching staff. She also works with the Chair of Legal Computer Science of the same Faculty. She is member of the Associazione Italiana per la Documentazione Avanzata.

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Features – Overview of the Sources of Italian Law

Overview of the Sources of Italian Law By Raffaele Ladu

Raffaele Ladu holds a “laurea” (roughly equivalent to a Master’s Degree) in General and Experimental Psychology from the University of Padua and is now studying Law at the University of Verona. He is currently a mainframe programmer at the Cariverona Banca Spa, one of the liveliest Italian banks, and he is also an UILCA trade unionist (affiliated to UIL – Unione Italiana del Lavoro). He is a self-taught Internaut, and his love for the English language has allowed him to get the coveted Cambridge Proficiency in English, but doesn’t guarantee that he has written a flawless article!

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