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Veronica Garrick is a rising 3L at Michigan State University College of Law. She graduated from Loyola University Chicago in May 2022 with a B.A. in Spanish and a double minor in international business and nonprofit management. Throughout her life, beginning at a very young age, she has witnessed and experienced the harmful effects of social media that can afflict minors. This paper advocates for minors' online protection and educates all about the online risks that these children can be exposed to.

Protecting the Vulnerable: Navigating Online Risks for Minors

Veronica Garrick’s paper is an insightful, factual and timely discussion of how in today’s digital age, minors are exposed to technology at a young age, presenting both great opportunities and risks. Online risks include data privacy breaches, access to inappropriate, cyberbullying, and online child predators. These challenges can have negative long-lasting effects, including privacy, mental, emotional, and physical safety. Addressing these risks associated with increased technology among minors requires a collaborative effort across many sectors.  If communities, government, law enforcement, online platforms, and tech companies work together, they can minimize these risks. Once they start prioritizing online safety and implementing new safeguards, children can explore the digital world securely and safely.

Subjects: Congress, Cybercrime, Cyberlaw, Cybersecurity, Federal Legislative Research, Government Resources, Legal Research, Privacy, United States Law