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Bertel King, Jr.
Author of Painting Thoughts, a self-published SF/fantasy novel he originally wrote as a high school student in rural Virginia (Download: Kindle | Nook). Bertel is a freelance writer and appears on various sites across the web. Currently, he's an active contributor to Android Police and Make Tech Easier.

How cell phone book clubs could help get young people reading and change their lives

Journalist and SF/fantasy novelist Bertel King, Jr. talks about effective methods and programs to engage young people in the enjoyment and value of reading as soon and as often as possible. He discusses how removing as many roadblocks and inconveniences as possible associated with reading can making this learning and joyful experience increasingly attractive to young folks who are often ridiculed for reading print books. He provides actionable information on cell phone book clubs, which are affordable and can encourage reading using devices that children already own. Take the time to read this article, and you will learn as I did, how the voices, ideas and efforts of a new generation of writers and readers are impacting the future of how we share knowledge more widely and equitably.

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