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Barbara Fullerton has been in the information professional field for over 15 years, with experience in vendor relations, and corporate and law libraries. She has a Bachelors degree in mass communications, a paralegal certificate, and an MLIS from Emporia State University in Kansas. She has been in the Dallas, Texas area for over 10 years, and is an active member in AALL, SLA and other regional librarian and information professional organisations. She is a regular speaker in the information industry, including AALL and SLA annual meetings, AIIP, SLA regional meetings, Internet Librarian, Computers in Libraries, SCIP, Texas Library Association and regional paralegal associations. Her speaking and writing topics include gadgets, mobile apps, privacy issues, data mining, and cybertheft. She can be reached at [email protected].

Beyond Google and Yahoo: New, Nifty Search Engines to Optimize Your Research

Barbara Fullerton and Sabrina I. Pacifici‘s recommendations focus on subject area and issue-centric sites to facilitate obtaining search results that are better targeted to the scope of your requests. Whether you are looking for government data, blogs, RSS feeds, video, podcasts, news or scientific papers, this guide will serve you well.

Subjects: Business Research, Data Mining, Internet Resources - Web Links, Medical Research, News Resources, RSS Newsfeeds, Search Engines

Gumshoe Librarian 2006

Barbara Fullerton and Sabrina I. Pacifici recommend 70 sites whose content and features will enhance your research on subjects that include: news, people finders, U.S. and international competitive intelligence data, state and federal government resources, cybersecurity, blogs, health, finance, locating audio, music and videos online, and accessing open source scholarly literature.

Subjects: Government Resources, Healthcare, Internet Resources, Internet Resources - Web Links, Legal Research, News (Newstand), News Resources, Open Source, RSS Newsfeeds, Search Engines