Newstand – August 1999

(Archived September 15, 1999)

New York Times, CyberTimes (registration required)

Point-and-Click Medicine: A Hazard to Your Health, August 31, 1999. An estimated 25 million Americans are turning to the Web for a range of information on medical issues, from the simple to the complex. However, the advise and information is often nothing more than fiction. The article steers you to seven reliable sites.

Following the Money, Through the Web, August 26, 1999. Donations to political campaigns were once hard to track, but now records of your gifts, no matter how small, are readily available for all to scrutinize on the Web.

Ford Loses Bid to Keep Documents Off Internet September 8, 1999. The issues of the first amendment and cyberspace rights played a prominent role in a recent federal court ruling in favor of a college student who has been posting internal corporate documents on his Web site. (see also Ford Plays Chicken with Web Site, August 25, 1999.)

Mercury News

Electronic Book Sales are Slow, August 29, 1999. Slow sales for the Rocket eBook and SoftBook have also meant few titles available to use in this format. Better think about a new idea for a holiday gift!


Ford Plays Chicken with Web Site, August 25, 1999. A college student and Ford Motor Co. are locked in a legal battle over the posting of internal corporate documents, which is being couched as a first amendment issue by the defendant.

Independent booksellers band together, August 20, 1999. Small bookstores across the nation are closing at alarming rates. In an effort to stem the tide, the American Booksellers Association is helping get these stores wired and selling in time for the holidays.

Mercury News

First person convicted of Internet piracy, August 20, 1999. A college student is punished for flagrant copyright violations under the No Electronic Theft Act of 1997.

Chicago Tribune

Has Microsoft won a battle or the war?, August 20, 1999. Internet Explorer now commands a 51% share of the browser market, as Netscape has fallen hard and fast to its rivals ‘superior’ marketing and promotion.

Washington Post

Some Light Through the Portal, August 19,1999. The word ‘portal’ is actually used to describe a number of differently designed access points to a wide range of related resources on the Web.

Yahoo! News

Argentina Pushes Internet Digital Signature Law, August 19, 1999. Argentina is poised to become the first Latin American country to pass a “digital firm law” allowing documents signed online legal status.


More on “deep links” journalists and IPOs, August 18, 1999. This article follows-up on the controversy as reflected in the recent law suit by TicketMaster to prevent a competitor from deep linking to its site (*see TicketMaster Sues Again Over Links, August 10, 1999.)

PC Magazine

E-Books Open Up, August 18, 1999. The proprietary approach has been dropped in favor of an open standard to insure that electronic books can be accessed through a wide variety of platforms.

Protect Your PC and Your Privacy, August 9, 1999. Reviews of five types of products that will assist you in attaining better security on the Web. Topics covered include security suites, secure e-mail, spam filters,

You Gotta Serve Somebody, August 15, 1999. A grad student at U. Mass has created the world’s smallest Web server, measuring only 1/4 inch!

New York Times, CyberTimes (registration required)

Defunct Keys and Odd Commands Still Bedevil Today’s PC User, August 12, 1999. We are stuck using keyboards caught in a 15 year old time warp, but our computer applications have continually outpaced their limits.

Forget a Password? Try ‘Way2Many’, August 5, 1999. Too many passwords for too many systems, from servers to free subscriptions to the New York Times online, have users frustrated and down right stressed out!

TicketMaster Sues Again Over Links, August 10, 1999. “Deep linking” has once again created an adversarial situation, this time between rival ticket sellers TicketMaster and

Mercury News

Digital Stamps Get Postal Service OK, August 9, 1999. No more long lunch-time forays to the Post Office to buy stamps. Now you can do so from the comfort of your own home. Will the wonders of technology never cease!

Wired News

Digital Signatures for the Palm, August 9, 1999. E-business will take a step forward in September as a new, free e-signature application becomes available for the Palm.


Study: Cybercrimes Cases Up 43 Percent, August 5, 1999. Only a small percentage of federal computer crimes are being prosecuted, despite the steep increase.

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