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(Archived June 1, 1999)

Margaret's Bio claims to be a search engine covering 5,000+ facts that is updated on a daily basis. The user can search by a word of their choice or browse any of the twenty trivia categories listed. There is a daily Trivia Tidbit, a listing of what special day the current date may be and a short list of famous persons born on the current date. You can also select to view additional categories of Random Trivia, Random Quotation or Today in History. You can take a Trivia Test, participate in the online Trivia Talk Forum, visit the Trivia Shop or subscribe to the Absolute Trivia Weekly Top Ten which will be delivered to your e-mail address.

Code Check: Help with Building Codes

Code Check allows keyword searching in the Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical Codes, or you can go directly to a particular code and select a topic to browse. Over 600 common code violations are listed. There are 100 line drawings and 36 tables. The site is based upon the book of the same title by Taunton Press.

Database Central

Database Central is a resource for database programmers and users. The user can keyword search or browse the following categories: Data Mining and Warehousing, Database Companies and Products, Database Shareware, Database Technologies and Languages, Database Web Connectivity, General Database Resources, Middleware, and The Database Community. This directory has 4,100+ resources with 100 resources added per week. There are discussion forums sponsored by the website a free newsletter via e-mail, and a Daily News section cover the latest database industry news. The site is provided by Baobab Computing.


NLM LOCATORplus is the Web based catalog of the National Library of Medicine’s collection of books, journals and audiovisual materials. There are also links to other medical resources such as MEDLINE,and other library catalogs. There is a link to tutorials for assisting the user with NLM LOCATORplus and other NLM services. A link to information on the physical NLM library is also provided.

Federal Railroad Administration

This site provides access to FRA regulations, FOIA procedures for FRA, and doing business with FRA. There is a “What’s New” section, information on FRA’s Y2K outreach activities, MAGLEV, HSGT (High Speed Ground Transportation), and safety data.

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