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(Archived April 19, 1999)

Margaret's Bio Alphabet Soup

This site has an alphabetical index of 900 acronyms and abbreviations used in Internet chat rooms, e-mail, and newsgroups with their explanations.

Image and the Librarian

This site intends to be an overview of some “of the major concerns about librarians and image.” Resources are provided where the user can further explore the issues. Stereotypes, professional status, and changing technology are three areas that are discussed. The website and topic were researched and designed by two University of Maryland College of Library and Information Science students, Stacie Marinelli and Tim Baker.

First Report of the Committee of Independent Experts

This is 140 page report in html and pdf format. Written by independent experts, the report investigates the charges of widespread fraud, nepotism, and corruption in the European Commission. As a result of the report’s findings, the President of the Commission and nineteen other senior officials resigned on March 16.

1998 Tax Planning Guide

This site is maintained by Deloitte & Touche. Included are a Planning Worksheet, information on Planning for 1999 and a section entitled, Tips and Strategies, that is divided into tips for various types of individuals.

Understanding MARC Bibliographic: Machine Readable Cataloging

The information contained in this site is written by Betty Furrie and the site is produced by Follett Software Company and the Library of Congress. The site is divided into three main sections: What is a MARC Record, and Why is it Important? (explains a MARC record); USMARC Reference Materials–Parts VII to X;(covers fields) and USMARC Reference Materials–Parts XI to XII. (covers records)

Weddle’s Web Guide

This site is a guide to the major online job databases. Each database listing includes the a link to the database website; a short description of the business and its services; the number of job listings on the site; top ranked occupational fields; primary salary ranges; update frequency for the site; cost to view job listings. If resumes are posted, the number posted is given. Any other resources the site may provide are listed as well.

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