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This site is a source for a wealth of banking information. There are links to financial institutions on the Web, a Year 2000 Watch, links to regulations, a regulatory review, a court watch, a searchable e-mail directory, banking listservs, quick links to other relevant banking sites, statistics at a glance and much more.


This site is provided by the Electric Power Research Institute. There are more than 180,000 documents in this database which derives its information from more than 500 Websites worldwide. It is powered by the Infoseek search engine. In addition to searching by word, you can search by image, date, url, title or page content.

The Doctor Directory

This site is provided by Affinity Health Resources. Doctors are listed alphabetically by state, city, and specialty. Physician address, phone, gender, graduation year, languages, specialities and a map to the office are given. Additional information such as board certification, medical school, residency, office hours, secondary specialty, affilitated hospitals, and health plans accepted may sometimes be included.

The Health Plan Directory

This site is provided by Affinity Health Resources. Health plans are listed alphabetically by state and city. Health plan type, address, and phone numbers are provided.

The Hospital Directory

This site is provided by Affinity Health Resources. Hospitals are listed alphabetically by state, and city. Hospital address, and phone are provided.

Europages, the European Business Directory

This site provides basic address and telephone information for 500,000 businesses in Europe. You can search by company name, theme (subject), or open text (product/service). The site is available in English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish. You can access company catalogues, the European yellowpages and link to worldwide yellowpages from this site also.

Global Statistics

This site lists countries with their capitals, surface area and population. Information is provided in tables and charts with sources of the information cited. You can find the highest mountains in the world, biggest islands, longest rivers and many more interesting statistics attractively presented.

Law Street

This site is divided into eight sections: Law Guide, Celebrity Court, Law St. Journal, Lawyer Place, Find A Lawyer, The Law Mall, Juris Humorous, and School Lane. Law Guide covers five areas of law for all fifty states. It is regularly updated. The coverage of legal news events is found in Law St. Journal. Want a lawyer joke? Try Juris Humorous. Lawyer Place has law organizations, a chat rooms, and links to state and federal courts and more. School Lane provides information for students as well as job seekers.

Federal District-Court Civil Trials

This site consists of a database of approximately 3.7 million federal district court civil cases terminated over the past 17 fiscal years. “The data were gathered by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, assembled by the Federal Judicial Center, and dissemniated by the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research. A search can be run by selecting a category, date the case was terminated, court district, jurisdictional basis, origin, and type of trial. Then a second set of criteria are selected: frequency, duration, judgments, amounts demanded, amounts awarded, and basis for aggregation to obtain a final search result.

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